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Why DJI Won't Let You Do This.

Why Does DJI Block This Feature?

Two and a Half years ago I decided that I was going to learn how to fly a Drone - I didn’t realize it would become the main career path for me but nevertheless after I read through all of the regulations and the process in order to legally fly. I realized that not just anyone can pick up a drone in Toronto and fly it without some serious repercussions. All of this to say that I have found a passion and a skill that is beneficial not only to myself but to the people who hire me. Those regulations requirements and tests didn’t deter me from my goals. The first drone I ever purchased was the Mavic Air 2 and has been with me ever since.

However - As I have decided to move into more commercial and professional drone services. I have realized that there is something

that I can’t work past. I can’t study harder or increase my skills more. While the Mavic Air 2s is regarded as one of the best multipurpose drones. I decided that, seeing as I have a high paying career and financial security that I would upgrade above and pick up a Mavic 3 Classic.

The Mavic 3 is a great drone on paper - with a bigger sensor, higher megapixel camera, and the reintroduction of older features like a customizable Tripod mode along with new features like Night Mode. The Mavic 3 Classic is lacking in a few key features. Namely that all of the features of the Mavic 3 Classic have existed since the Autel Evo II 6K was released. Not only does it have the same quality of photos and videos, it also has a Night Mode that is brighter and less noisy than the Mavic 3 Classic’s Night Mode. So why has it taken so long for DJI to compete and release their new drones? I certainly can’t claim one way or the other about DJI’s motivations, however what I can say is that even according to DJI the sales performance of their Mavic 3 Line of drones has been lackluster. That includes: Mavic 3 Cine (The OG) Mavic 3 Classic, Mavic 3 Enterprise, and the more recently announced, Mavic 3 Pro.

DJI Is offering all of these various editions and bundles to try and target every potential customer. Film requires the Apple Pro-Res capability and 1TB Storage of the Cine. The RTK Module on the Mavic 3 Enterprise is invaluable to GPS Surveyors and Mappers. However, now we come to the Mavic 3 Pro and Classic. The Mavic 3 Classic is exactly the same as the Cine however the Classic simply doesn’t have the telephoto lens. Personally, I’ve never considered the Telephoto lens to be that important when I have a drone with an optimistic range of over 10KM. The Pro-Res and storage capabilities of the Cine are attractive but not worth double the price of the Classic.

Now we move into the most aggravating decision that DJI has made, not releasing the SDK for the Mavic 3 Classic. The Mavic 3 Enterprise, save for various connections for modules on the drone’s chassis and gimbal assembly. The drone is exactly the same as the Mavic 3 Classic. The same motors and the same ESC for the same motors. So if there is nothing different functionally from the flight dynamics. Why has DJI Not yet released an SDK for the Mavic 3 Classic.

An SDK is a Development Kit for third party companies to develop new software features and capabilities. Normally the SDK Is released about a year or so after the initial release of the drone. However DJI Has announced that they have 0 interest in creating an SDK for the Classic, all this despite the wishes of their customer base.

This is, in my opinion, nothing short of gate keeping the high end jobs with a 5000 Dollar buy in. While this is understandable from the perspective of the established companies. For someone, such as myself - wanting to build from the ground up, it seems unnecessary. For example, if I offered the same quality services as an established company. Chances are, the customer will pick the established company over me. So does the established company need protection from those like me? Seems insulting to both parties.

Whatever DJI’s reasons are. I believe that with enough focus and signatures, we might be able to coax DJI Into releasing this SDK which would allow individuals to pro duce a number of different high end deliverables to potential clients. 3D Models, Construction Ortho Maps, Construction Progress Reports, Historical Building Preservation and more.

If you feel as I do, I would highly recommend you sign this petition on I can't guarantee that DJI Will listen to us. But in contrast to doing nothing it will at least put the notice out to more and more pilots. I urge you to take 5 Minutes out of your day to sign this petition. And I further urge you

to perhaps consider Team Orange, for your next drone purchase.

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